Capital of Finland

I have been to many capitals of asian and european countries, and I think  Helsinki is the most beautiful and greatest capital in Europe . Sometimes I think about why I like Helsinki and why in my opinion , it is so great . Maybe it is because i have spent a lot  of time here , but if you ask anyone , they will have the same opinion as I.

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Bittersweet fashion

Vogue can told you what is in and what is out of fashion.  The fashion in autumn is big wool jacket, leather, lace, jeans, big bags, high boots and also 1980’s style. But it´s not that simple.

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Is it just too much

As a finnish woman I believe stressing about study’s is a very common problem. People in Finland are raised in a culture where they are often compared to and encouraged to be better then others same age. Expecially women have big pressure to match men qualitys in differentkind’s of job’s.

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Finns are lazy

Finns spend more time resting nowadays. When people get home from work they just lie on couch and eat some snacks and drink some beer.  Beer stomach is familiar with almost every men. Women are a bit more worried about their lines but if there is chocolate or some other sweet things served there will be couple of extra kilos next day. No one even wanted leave their car to garage at the carless day because you would had to walk to bus stop. Continue Reading »

Finnish People

I think Finnish people are very kind and friendly but even thought Finns are different from other people in other countries. I mean that with with”they are diffrent” , Finnish people are so quiet, cold and shy. However not everyone is the same, but most of them are as I described.

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I have been studying,in Finland my whole life and I am going to countinue my studies here ,because the finnsh education system offers so many benefits.Here,education is free of charge.Kindergarden is the first step for children when they enter the education system.Then comes primary-school which is from first to ninth grade.The Finnish government has decided that after primary school your compulsory education is completed.In Finland,education after primary school is divided into vocational and academic studies.

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Special curiosity about Finland

A dark, quiet bus on a Monday morning. All the passengers sit quietly in their seats, some of them dozing off, some listening to music from their headphones, all of them looking strictly forward or out of the windows, avoiding looking straight into any other passenger’s eyes.

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